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Dear Yuletide Author:

Firstly, thanks for signing up and doing this. I'm sure that no matter what you write I will be generally squee-ful and joyous when I read it, especially because these are four fandoms where I'm dying for me fic. But I guess these words of well-wishes generally don't help you figure out what you should write or well write, so let's get on outlining what I want in a roundabout way.

In generally, I like fics that range from G to PG13. Basically, I'm good as long as I'm not getting explicit smut. Also, I'd love if you could avoid the story from generally leaning too far into the direction of either super angst or super fluff. Generally, I'm a middle of the road girl who hates when stories are either too saccharine or so depressing that it just makes you want to cry and hole up in a ball for a few days. And if you can find a way to put a funny one-liner or two, I will love you forever.

Now onto the requests!


Characters Requested: Kat Warbler, Ethan Haas

The fact that there is basically no Kat/Ethan fic in the world makes me so sad. Because even though The Class was far from a perfect show, they were just so delightful. She was cynical & jaded & snarky, and he was a puppy dog who needed to be loved and they both had this great banter with one another but also this great reliance on one another, and it just made me ship them so hard. SO HARD. I basically learned what fandom was through this couple, so when the show got cancelled on that cliffhanger... I was devastated.

Therefore, I will take whatever fic you throw at me dealing with these two. Do you want to write a continuation of the season finale that has Kat figuring out her feelings, while Ethan pursues her before they come together (maybe he stops for a while when he finds out about her one night stand with Duncan, but then gets his head back in the game)? That'd make me joyful. Do you want to write a missing moments fic of times throughout the series where Kat thought there could be something more with Ethan? I'd be super into that. If you want to do a story where Kat and Ethan get banter-y and playful over some third grade memory, I'd be really into that too! As long as it has Kat/Ethan at its core, I'd be estatic!

And if it helps, other things I like about the series were Richie/Lina being cute, Kyle becoming BFF with Ethan (and by proxy Kat), and Lina & Kat's sisterly relationship in general. I'm also okay with Duncan/Nicole, but I wouldn't want it to be central to any story written.


Characters Requested: Annie Spadaro, Del Cassidy

Remember in the finale when we were given that delicious idea of Del & Annie becoming secret sex buddies only to have the show get cruelly cancelled? What I want/desperately need is the continuation of that story: Annie & Del secretly have sex, and feelings creep their way in, and everyone finds out and shenanigans ensue. If you want to have Richard & Caroline work out their issues in the background, and finally go official in couple-dom, I'd be cool with that, but I definitely need that secret!dating Annie/Del storyline up front. That this happened in the finale with no follow-up kills me, so any kind of conclusion with the two would make me giddy.


Characters Requested: Fat Amy, Bumper

I went to see Pitch Perfect at an early free screening and as soon as I came out of the theater, I knew that this was going to be a Yuletide request. What a delightful film!

My main focus though was on Fat Amy/Bumper because there are so many cool areas of their relationship that I want to see explored. Like did Fat Amy have Bumper's number because they were constantly hate-sexing in between their moments in the film? (I'd read that fic.) Do you think that Bumper was being tricked by Fat Amy when he found out that he inexplicably got a job as John Mayer's backup singer? (I'd read that fic.) Basically, what I kind of want to see is a fic where Bumper and Fat Amy are in a relationship (either throughout the movie, or afterwards) and while Bumper can be a dumb idiot (burrito scene!), Amy ultimately has complete control and like the ultimate upper hand on him and he's kind of super into it. BUT YEAH, ANYTHING WITH A HATE/LOVE VIBE WITH THEM, I'd be into.

Feel free to include all the lady friendships you want in the fic because I was down with the female friends being the most important of the movie and their interplay was aces! And I found Beca/Jesse to be adorable as well, so also feel free to include them if you want to.


Characters Requested: Don Keefer, Sloan Sabbith

To be completely honest here, I'm not a huge fan of The Newsroom. It's lady politics are grim, it's speechifying can be horrendous, and everything about that "Fix You" montage I found to be laughably bad. It became a show that I had a morbid fascination with, and I suddenly realized what compulsive hatewatching was really all about.

THAT BEING SAID, when the idea of this pairing was thrown out in later episodes, I was so down with it (they are and probably will continue to be the only thing I really ship on the show). Don and Sloan have always seemed like the most fully realized characters to me. They have flaws, and they have strengths and they actually felt like real people instead of overglorified "heroes".

Anyway, what I'm asking for is some kind of fic revolving around the two of them. Maybe you focus on the awkwardness of what happens after Sloan's confession. Maybe you focus on whether or not they new each other before MacKenzie and Jim and Newsnight 2.0 rolled into town and what that was like. Maybe you can focus on exactly what those two were getting up to during all those times we didn't see them throughout the year. I don't know exactly what but any fic that focuses on their relationship will be great with me.

Feel free to have Will/Mac and Jim/Maggie or whatever happening in the background, but the emphasis would be on IN THE BACKGROUND. Don/Sloan really, really, really is what I'm dying for here.

Okay, that's it for the requests! I hope that was helpful/possible to understand. If you want other resources to ~figure me out: I'd suggest checking out my tumblr, twitter, and pinboard account. Also, you can ask [livejournal.com profile] fujiidom as either a go between, or just a straight up source!

Thank you so much once again, and I can't wait to see what you have written for me.

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